Village Stay and Tours.



Hi, I'm Komang from Duta Bali Holidays.


Duta means 'ambassador' and I'm an ambassador for traditional Balinese life.  Suastiastu is our formal greeting.


 I can share my life with you by offering:

  • Full day tours can include a visit to my village, home and family temple, with an explanation in English of how we live. This includes a visit to our 1000 year old, UNESCO World Heritage listed, subak irrigation system.  I can also take you to any major attractions such as Luwak coffee tasting, Ubud, artisan visits, rice terraces, volcanoes, temples and waterfalls but we can do so much more!   8-10 hour day includes pick up/drop off, lunch and individualised tour - cost 850,000 rupiah (approx. Au$85).  Full details click here.
  • Village Stay.  This is a new service we are developing to enable a full experience of village life.  Full immersion in village life for 3 days and nights, living in simple private accommodation with my extended family in our compound, sharing all aspects of village life, including any ceremonies,  cooking and subak rice growing methods.  Get a taste for village life, by visiting our 'Village Life' page.  Service available soon.

Please get in touch with me through the contact page, or the telephone numbers adjacent.


I look forward to hearing from you.