Village Life

The village of Tajen is approximately one hour north of Denpassar, the capital city of Bali, in the foothills of the mountain Batukaru, close to the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces.  It is a traditional Balinese agricultural village operating under subak with it's cooperative nature of decision making.  Rice terracing dominates the landscape, but fruit and vegetables are also grown. Chickens are everywhere and there are some cows, pigs and fish farming.  


There is no separation between the physical and spiritual world.  Every family has a temple, as well as the main village temple.  Signs of spirituality are everywhere where daily offerings are placed on doorsteps, road junctions, entrances and rice fields.  Ceremonies are a frequent occurrence in the village.  The village temple is currently being restored as the religiously significant Banyan tree, fell last year causing extensive damage.


Home life centres on the extended family compound, where 4 or 5 families have their own accommodation around a central courtyard.  Cooking facilities are communal.  The courtyard also usually includes a grain store.


All aspects of village life will be experienced on a 'Village Stay' whilst a tour includes visits to a family compound, the temple and subak/rice fields.


Both 'Village Stay' and tours can include visits to nearby artisans (weaving, woodwork, jewellery etc), Jatiluwih rice terraces, Luwak coffee tasting, temple visits and other attractions.



Enjoy some scenes from our village.